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Thursday, October 05, 2000

St. Louis
Built St. Louis - An interesting look at the past and present of many St. Louis neighborhoods.
Ecology of Absence - Originally focused on the prevalent urban decay in St. Louis buildings, now focusing on related political issues as well.
Fort Gondo - Cool little art gallery on Cherokee Street.
Free Candy with Amanda & Julia - St. Louis' free, live, untelevised talk show.
Iron Barley - Tasty, inventive, worth my drive - they can make hot dogs covered in swiss cheese and strawberry jelly taste really, really good, and that's not the half of it
Keaggy.com - An endlessly interesting website by the Post-Dispatch's Features Photo Editor.
Laumeier Sculpture Park - Love it.
Left Bank Books - One of St. Louis' cool independent bookstores. The Left Bank often has instore readings and signings, and has a fairly busy events schedule.
Missouri Menus - A list of 1,163-plus local restaurants' menus.
Record Exchange - The big-big specialty used record and CD store in town, run out of an old library building. It's easy to get lost, but the place is packed with used stereo equipment, albums, 45s, VHS tapes, DVDs, you name it.
Red Latina - Another local Spanish-language newspaper.
Safe City Map - Do you find that one neighborhood in the city, like, totally sketchy and scary, making you want to like, totally return to the quiet, inviting womb that is the county? See if you're right! This displays maps of whatever different crimes of your choosing happened where in the City of St. Louis within the last 6 months or so.
St. Louis Coptalk - Local policemen sound off on local crime and law issues.
St. Louis Gas Prices - Thank me.
The St. Louis Journalism Review - A look at local newsmedia.
Sauce Magazine - Wanna find a restaurant to go to? Been hearing about a restaurant but want to see what people think about it before going? The restaurant search and user comment systems on here are two of the best things to happen to the St. Louis dining scene.
Urban St. Louis - Focuses on local development and redevelopment efforts. It has a particularly active forum!
Venice Cafe - Just too got-dang cool a place not to link to.
Webster University Film Series - If you're not on their mailing list, you probably already missed something you would've wanted to see.
Zombie Squad - I don't even know.


St. Louis Blogs

Art Patrol - Handy listings of upcoming art events in town, and reviews of said events after they've happened.
Built Environment in Layman's Terms - Toby Weiss' often fascinating photographic studies of architecture that's about to come down, or sometimes, that just got built.
Contemporary-Pulitzer Blog - A blog for our two neighboring Midtown contemporary art museums.
Thomas Crone - Man about town, two-time author, and writer for just about every publication in town. I grew up reading his articles in the RFT and elsewhere.
Ecology of Absence - My friends Michael and Claire's site-companion blog on local architecture and politics.
From the Mayor's Desk - Mayor Francis Slay blogs, puts up polls, and hosts podcasts.
Illusion Junkie - A video blog focusing on art, health, and culture in St. Louis.
In and Around - Christine and an unnamed Dad devote posts to their visits to a number of different neighborhoods of St. Louis and surrounding areas.
Irrational Ecstasy - Casey takes you urban-exploring through some of St. Louis abandoned buildings.
Live Music in St. Louis, MO - A frequently-updated listing of upcoming concerts in the area.
Lo-Fi St. Louis - Video blog about the local music scene.
The Mayor of Affton - Affton technically has no office of mayor. This guy has taken it upon himself to fill that void.
Officially Over - Nate, a fellow school-going 20-something St. Louisan.

Pub Def - Thoughtful, insightful coverage of local political and social issues from Antonio French.
Random Redhead - Tales of growing up in South City in the '70s and '80s.
STLBloggers - As I gather, there are a few St. Louis blogs on here.
STLEvolution - Urbanism bloggetry by Matt Fernandez.
STLMedia - Mike Anderson talks about local media.
STLStreets - Observations by Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, owner of the Royale.
Subterranean Books - Three guesses which bookstore it's based out of!
Urban Review - St. Louis - Onetime upstart aldermanic candidate Steve Patterson weighs in on local urban planning (or lack thereof).
Urban Road Kill - A slice of urban St. Louisan life from former RFT writer C.D. Stelzer. Also check out his account of a trip to Ireland at Slouching Towards Bantry.
Rob Thurman - As always, equal parts funny and insightful, the best combination.
Washington University IEEE Dance Floor Project - Le fabuleux destin of a very colorful animated dance floor.



Andrew Bird - Clever and catchy
Chocolate Genius - Black Music is an amazing album.
The Civil Tones - Gotta love them surf instrumentals
The Frozen Foods Section - Local musical collective that puts out wonderfully oddball hip-hop.
Global Electronic Music Marketplace - If you're looking for a rare or out of print album, this lists the albums in possession of thousands of music stores worldwide, and should probably find it.
Grandpa's Ghost - Space music from Pocahontas, IL.
Grand Ulena - Loud, noisy, good. Play St. Louis again!
The Green Lion - A lot of downloadable music by Rami from the band nui.
KDHX - By far, one of the best things about music in St. Louis. And you can stream it online! Among my favorite shows: Gabriel, Suffragette City, Radio Rio, Bob's Scratchy Records, Dangerous Curves, and The Science.
Magnetic Fields/Stephin Merritt - KDHX plays him/them all the time for a reason
The Moldy Peaches - Further proof that the four-track tape recorder is the greatest invention ever.
MusicStack Music Marketplace - Like the GEMM above, a database of online record store holdings. Try this, try GEMM.
Polymorphous Space - The personal website of Tetsuo Kogawa, a communications studies professor in Japan - his New York Paranoia section has streams of New Jersey hip-hop radio from 1983!
Quone - The cassette record label of some friends of mine. I definitely want every cassette they're putting out.
Radios.com.br - I love this site; you can navigate an online archive of live webcasts from TV and radio stations from all over the world, given you have a scant knowledge of Portuguese, or really, any Romance language. Look at that.
Jill Scott - Fantastically good neo-soul artist.
Skarekra├╝ Radio - Na na nahnananananana
Solex - Record store owner from the Netherlands takes samples from TV, concerts, albums that will never sell, and everyday life, and creates catchy, oddball audio pastiches.
Sonic Youth - So good.
The Trip Daddys - Some of the finest garage rock/rockabilly music St. Louis has to offer.  Not a typo.
WEW 770 AM - According to their website, it's the second-oldest radio station in the country. Possibly best known for their Radio Cucui Spanish-language programming, WEW has talk shows and music shows tailored to all sorts of nationalities, featuring Bosnian music, Polkas, Italian music, American big band, and German talk.
WFMU - Possibly the weirdest and most wonderful radio station in the U.S. Streamable, podcast-subscribable, and their blog consistently contains interesting factoids.


CineFile - Possibly the best video store I've ever been to in my life. Well, this or Mondo Kim's.
5 Minutes To Live - They sell DVDs of rare and out-of-print video and film. Not necessarily for the squeamish. Don't take my link as a glowing endorsement of the contents of all of the movies on here. I must say though, there's some really cool, interesting rare stuff on here (along with some really creepy stuff). Oh, and they have a really interesting article about Orson Welles.
Hanzi Smatter - Why people who don't know Chinese shouldn't get tattoos of Chinese characters.
JustinSpace - Wonderful. Of particular interest are the Obscene Interiors and eBay Conceptual Art Gallery sections.
Slow Wave - Web comic of various submissions of bizarre dreams. Good reading. Link cribbed from beck.com.


People I Know
GeorgeSpace - George Steinhardt's website. Already with 700% fewer errors than MySpace.
Peter Goffstein - Longtime friend of mine. See his paintings!
The Juice - Ken Kitchin is a stand-up gentleman. He's been one of my closest friends since we were but 7-year-olds, and since then, we played in a band together in high school, went on photo safaris, and found all sorts of other assorted adventures. These days, he's playing with these cats in Boston, and racking up all sorts of local press.
Greg Kanteres - My friend Greg's deviantART page
The Blahmin Post - The blog of my loooongtime friend and bandmate John Forrester, who's now writing for the Boston Globe!
MADSociety - Eric and Duretti are former floormates of mine.
Matia Simovich on Subkultures - The blog of my friend Matia, who moved out to San Francisco.

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