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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Looking around the Wash. U. bookstore for photo supplies today, I discovered that Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has a new ghostwritten autobiography out, and Billy Corgan has also released a book of his poetry. Egad, there should be a nationally accepted rule among book publishers that once you have a certain level of airplay on St. Louis' 105.7 The Point, you cannot release a book.
Saturday, November 13, 2004
What happens when a cultural appropriation with no regard to keeping the original ideas intact is culturally appropriated, with no regard to keeping the original ideas intact?
I went out taking photos of different places in St. Louis. Different clubs, mainly. I also ate a bunch of stuff.

What did you eat, Eric?

From Blueberry Hill:
3 toasted ravioli
A piece of bread
7 oz. burger with approximately 7 additional oz. of cheddar spread
Cup of French onion soup
Another piece of bread
From Studio Cafe street vendor:
Italian salsiccia sandwich
From stand in front of La Onda:
Carne asada taco

I went to see a good amount of the open-mic at Genesis House, (finally) went to the Rocket Bar for the first time, hopped in Farrago, walked by the City Museum and took some pictures, and (finally) checked out La Onda for the first time, which seems like a blast. Becca, I'm getting you in on this. I kind of feel like I saw more of St. Louis in one night than most people at Wash. U. will see in four years.

I've also, 5 years later, recently picked up the Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs," a 3-CD box set of a concept album. To the uninitiated of you, the title may seem sophomoric, leading you to believe that this may just be some snot-nosed punk band of debatable quality, but this is not the case! Stephin Merritt, the songwriter for the Magnetic Fields and an endless number of other musical projects, writes some of the smartest, most intelligent pop music out there these days, and this album. Oh, this album. You will never make a better $40 purchase in your lifetime, or at least not as far as I know. This album renders every other love-themed album essentially pointless, as almost every angle of love itself is presented in several different musical styles, but not so different that it's not a unified work (and across 3 CDs!). Since it's not easy to get tired of an album's songs if it's over three hours' worth of songs, I've been listening to the album nonstop for the last week. I may say this too often, but if you never listen to me again, listen to me now: you need this album.
Tuesday, November 02, 2004

dental plan

For all you "I LOVE SIGNS" true believers, I found a couple of references to it on Google:

Oh, and so I voted in my first presidential election. The lines were surprisingly short, but that's because I showed up at 9:30.

And guess what? My ballot had a hanging chad.

I took it off.
Finally went to Red Sea for the first time - good stuff. Reminded me how nice restaurants can be when you throw performing musicians in the mix. As such, let me note that when I was in Boulder, Becca and I grabbed a fairly astoundingly good sushi dinner. Expensive, yes. As we were about to get up, we heard a drummer testing levels over the stereo system. Suddenly, all of the sushi chefs pick up instruments/microphones and lash into a cover of "Twist and Shout." Making sushi at a bar is an almost performance-ish way of being a chef in the first place, but they took it to another level. I do have pictures.

As for the election, I'm sick of it. So on that topic, I leave you with a glimpse of our suite window.

Yeah, we're a motley crew, what with the Kerry supporters, and the Bush supporter, and the sign-loving. So, that said, may the best man win.

...And today, preferably.
Monday, November 01, 2004
And while I'm at it - after all, every political blog gets to make fifty posts tonight, my birthday's on the 7th - I'm gonna be 20 and everything. If you feel so inclined, feel free to treat me to a Coke or a Twix or something.

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