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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Heavy metal umlaut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ya learn something new every day.
Sunday, August 28, 2005
The last few days:
Got Papa Fabarre's with Michael and Claire - it's supposed to stay with the change from Famous-Barr to Macy's, which is good. French onion soup is as good as ever. We wandered over to the St. Louis Centre, which I haven't been to since my internship downtown a few years back. Even then, a lot of the stores were shuttered, but the stragglers I remember, like the McDonald's, the Camelot, the food court, Rave, the arcade - almost everything is empty now. It's gone from eerie to eerier, now that there are almost no stores. The floors and walls all look kind of unkempt. The new big storefront on the third floor for ArtDimensions was a pretty pleasant surprise. A lot of interesting, creative art, including some from some names that I haven't seen pop up much on Washington in the last year or so, at least since Farrago closed. The classroom especially seemed like a really cool idea. It's a fairly well-publicized organization, but to actually come upon the store on the third floor was a pretty nice surprise in what's at this point a pretty depressing mall. Too bad the arcade's gone...

Steph Sleeper and I saw the Donnie Darko director's cut at one of the Tivoli midnight showings. This version definitely seemed less subtle (the book text is informative, but disappears too quickly, and distracts from the scenes at hand), but at least
there's more of a relationship established between Donnie and Gretchen, beyond let's-make-out-now-let's-have-sex-oops-you're-dead. And maybe it's just me, but I always thought that Gretchen dying (in that reality) blew the feel-good aspect of the movie. So to speak.

I randomly ran into Nikki Rainey twice in two days!

In theory, by this time tomorrow, I should have a Camry...

I really want a marxophone. I've been thinking about stage names; how does "Li'l Turnip" strike everybody?
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Earthlink's been connecting me at 21k all day. Not cool.
Monday, August 22, 2005

Heroic President Champions Amendment to Protect Families

Tuesday, June 8, 2004


This is a partial transcript from HANNITY & COLMES, June 18, 2004, that has been
edited for clarity.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Because of the illegal gay marriages in New York, California, New Mexico, and Oregon, and the activist judges in Massachusetts rewriting the law, the president and Republicans in Congress have been forced to back an amendment establishing marriage as an institution only between a man and a woman. To speak with us on the issue here today is Jim Harrison from the Patriotic Americans for the Preservation of Loving Families. Welcome to the program, Jim; happy to have you here.

Happy to be here, Sean.

HANNITY: Now, as you know, we're fair and balanced here at Fox News Channel, so to vigorously defend the liberal viewpoint on this issue, we have Heidi Sterett from the Glen Heights High School debate team in Texas. Welcome back to the show, Heidi.


HANNITY: Jim, tell us about why this amendment is so important.

HARRISON: Well, what activist judges and city officials have done here is defy thousands of years of tradition, and what we're all trying to do with this amendment is simply to make sure that the future of the American family is protected, and that marriage is defined as between one woman and one man. It's a slippery slope, if same-sex marriages are allowed to occur, how long will it be before polygamy and incest are legal, and the concept of the family is just destroyed completely?

HANNITY: I couldn't agree with you more, Jim. What I don't get is why a whole state has to legally change its view of what defines marriage just because some activist judges think that it should.

HARRISON: I just can't believe that these people could act with such flagrant disregard for the future of the American family.

STERETT: Jim, with all due respect, how does codifying the exclusion of a portion of the
population from marriage protect the concept of the nuclear fam...

HANNITY: Heidi, I'm not sure if you know this, but when they legalized same-sex marriage in the Scandinavian countries, the idea of the family disintegrated there.

STERETT: First of all, that's a faulty analogy, considering that out-of-wedlock parenting is viewed completely differently there from how it is here, and how can one possibly connect the expanded legal impetus to start a family with the decline in the number of families? It makes no sense.

HANNITY: You liberals always use that argument, "it's a faulty analogy."

STERETT: What are you talking about? Who are "you liberals?"

HANNITY: Heidi, you hate the president, don't you?

STERETT: I don't hate him personally, but I don't...

HANNITY: Yes, you do.

STERETT: ...See what your question has to do with what we're talking about.

HARRISON: I can't believe that you liberals are trying to destroy the idea of the family. It's been a tradition for thousands of years, and you're trying to destroy it.

STERETT: This does not...

HANNITY: Heidi, you are completely out of line, and your reasoning is absolutely immature, and frankly, despicable.

STERETT: How am I being out of line? I...

HARRISON: I urge every member of our audience to write to their congressman, and tell them
to vote "yes" on this amendment, so we can put an end to these immoral relationships.

STERETT: If you'd let me talk for just one second...

HANNITY: I'd just like to remind our audience that my new book, Deliver Us from Evil, is now available in bookstores everywhere.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Welcome to the show, everybody; It's Alan Colm...

HARRISON: I refuse to let these activist courts harm the American family...

COLMES: It's Alan...

STERETT: Jim, it seems like what you're really...

COLMES: I'm Alan Colmes.

HARRISON: ...It just breaks my heart to see that they have no respect for it.

STERETT: Did I hear you say "immoral" somewhere in there?

COLMES: Now, speaking from my own perspective, and I'm a liberal, don't you think we should just give up on a fight we can't win, and just try to keep making sure that there's no anti-gay discrimination in the workplace, for example?

STERETT: You're a liberal?


HARRISON: If we legalize gay marriage in the United States, marriage will no longer be as sacred an institution, and the populace will abandon it altogether, and begin having children outside of marriage at will.

STERETT: That is absurd. I can't imagine any line of thinking that...

COLMES: Heidi...

STERETT: ...Would rationalize...

COLMES: Heidi, I'm going to have to cut you short to give Jim a chance to speak.

HARRISON: It's absolutely not absurd. If you look at these statistics, provided by the Marriage Protection Action Council for Selectively-Chosen Statistics, you can see that 70% of today's heterosexual married couples, when polled, said that if gay marriage were legal, they would just as well not get married, and have children outside of wedlock.

COLMES: I don't see why we shouldn't just quit trying to strive for an impossible goal, and just settle for trying to protect against workplace discrimination.

HARRISON: You're a liberal?

STERETT: Jim, would you please tell me, using unbiased information, why it is you think that gay marriage would possibly lead to children being born outside of wedlock?

HANNITY: Oh, give me a break.

HARRISON: Well, gay marriage leads to adoption, and artificial insemination.

STERETT: That doesn't really seem so much like an argument against gay marriage as an attempt to discredit any parenting not done completely by both of one's biological parents, which would offend any number of foster children and parents.

HANNITY: Heidi, you are a rude, hateful liberal.

STERETT: It really all comes down to this: same-sex couples will parent children either way, as they rightfully should, so it's more a question of if you're going to try to promote married, nuclear families for these relationships, or if you're going to try your best to leave them in a dehumanizing legal situation, implicitly stating that their relationships are inferior. I would like to see you walk up to a same-sex couple, look them right in the eyes, and just try to tell them that their love is any less meaningful than...

HANNITY: We have to go to break -- thanks, Jim Harrison, for showing up; thanks for your comments, Heidi, though I totally disagree with you. When we come back from commercial, the New York Times seems to have a lot to say, but do they have the appealing, 3D-animated graphics it takes to properly cover news in this day and age? Ann Coulter will be on to discuss the issue with us after the break. Stay with us.

Saturday, August 20, 2005
Venom - Spoken Excerpts Recorded live at City Gardens
Monday, August 15, 2005
mtv.com - News - Kanye's Co-Pilot, Jon Brion, Talks About The Making Of Late Registration

This completely makes up for Sony not mentioning Jon Brion in the press release. One of the most interesting modern hip hop producers and one of the most interesting modern jazz/pop producers and film scorers teaming up? Pinch me?
I just got this in my e-mail:

HELLO, Eric --


Fiona Apple has completed her highly anticipated third album Extraordinary Machine which will be released by Epic Records on October 4, 2005. Extraordinary Machine, produced by Mike Elizondo (Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent) and co-produced by Brian Kehew, contains twelve new tracks.

I guess they re-recorded the whole thing? Anyone else get the feeling that the entertainment industry just has no idea whatsoever what consumers actually want?
Sunday, August 14, 2005
Google Print

This is just about the handiest thing Google's ever made.
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
1. Here's a blast from the past, eh?

2. Like the alt-country? Whelp, it came from somewhere, and those Uncle Tupelo cats had to've been listening to something. So...
The Morrells
Blueberry Hill (curses, I'm still only 20)
September 23rd

3. I miss having a car. Give me yours. Now. The Great Kat commands it.

4. Learned from KDHX: Puerto Muerto is coming to the Webster Film Series on October 29th to musically accompany the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Their last album, Songs From Muerto County, was created as a quasi-Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack for said movie.

5. And finally, if anyone used to read local music zine NoisyPaper, headed by the late Carrie Lindsey a few years ago, this might be of interest:

Celebrate the life and work of artist, photographer and journalist
and Carrie Linsey-Shelton.

A survey of her work, influenced by music, pop culture and the St.
Louis scene, will be on exhibit at Cummel's Café, 1627 Washington
Avenue from August 19th until October 21.

Join us at the Opening Party on Friday, August 19 at 7:30pm.

By the way, I just found this, which contains a lot of information about Carrie and NoisyPaper.

6. Sufjan Stevens is playing at Mississippi Nights on September 22nd, 8pm, $14, if you're into that sort of thing.
Monday, August 08, 2005
Grand Ulena's coming back to St. Louis!

Saturday, September 3, 2005
Bobby Conn (www.bobbyconn.com)
Grand Ulena
@ The Hi-Pointe, St. Louis, MO

Also, if anyone wants to see Sleater-Kinney with me in early October at Mississippi Nights, please do let me know...
Saturday, August 06, 2005
Via WFMU's blog:

Victor the Budgie
A talking parrot. No, not a speaking parrot, a literally talking parrot.

From the website: "HATEBEAK is a fucking metal band with a parrot singing, no fucking joke."

Couldn't have phrased it better myself.
For anyone who likes Cuban music, or was into the whole Buena Vista Social Club thing, Ibrahim Ferrer, certainly my favorite of the BVSC people, just died...
Thursday, August 04, 2005
Between realizing that iPods are a lot more fun to listen to with crappy old Walkman headphones than with those earbud things that make my ears sore, and putting my own font on my iPod so it isn't so excessively sterile in appearance, I've started listening to my Apple Mind Control Unit again a good deal. Lessons I've learned over the past couple of weeks:

  • A Ghost Is Born sucks ferociously.
  • Brazilian '60s-'70s band Secos e Molhados is fantastic.
  • I don't actively listen to or like half of the music I own. Time for a trade-for-store-credit run to Vintage Vinyl...

    The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die

    I know people in a few of the cities on here. So get on it, people!
    Some fancy little tidbits of information:
    Downtown Restaurant Week | Aug 22 - Aug 27, 2005 | St. Louis, MO - $25 nets you a three-course meal from any number of Downtown spots. I went to An American Place a couple of times for my Photo article this summer to interview the general manager there, Frank Romano, and to take pictures. An American Place smells very, very good. I am spending $25 to eat at An American Place.

    Jesse Irwin - I'm pretty sure I ganked this link from thecommonspace.org. KDHX did a local artist feature on him a week or so ago. My first impression? Guy sounds kind of like Dylan. But then they pipe on a sample from the song "Laduesier":

    Well, you're rich and you're bright
    And you're pasty and white
    You've got what it takes to succeed
    You like cheeses and wine, and you're really good at buying
    Lots of shit that you don't really need
    And you live in a house for a family of ten
    But you've got a family of two

    You're a Laduesier, a Laduesier
    A hoosier that lives in Ladue

    These lyrics are all tossed off with total nonchalance. How could one possibly resist?

    And finally, via Saul's Xanga, something that I was quite surprised not to have heard about:
    NASA-Funded Scientists Discover Tenth Planet
    So say hello to our new friend, the snappily-named 2003UB313.
    Wednesday, August 03, 2005
    For everybody who likes them there Sonic Youths, Lee Ranaldo's side project Text Of Light is playing at Webster U.'s Moore Auditorium on September 17th.

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