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Monday, February 27, 2006
Since this was just sitting around on my computer...

We found this painting while wandering around Cienfuegos, Cuba during our Cuba class' Spring Break trip to the country my freshman year. Figured I owed it to everyone to share.
Saturday, February 25, 2006

Black sesame seed-flavored Pocky. It actually works pretty well. Tastes kind of like almonds.
Friday, February 24, 2006
I've been busy
So in terms of places I've been the last couple of nights, I feel obligated to offer some endorsements. I went to Atomic Cowboy to meet up with Michael and Claire and hear former RFT music editor, published author, and writer for nearly every publication in town Thomas Crone spin a particularly good mix of new wave and electronic music (nota bene: he spins at Atomic Cowboy the fourth Wednesday of every month). Atomic Cowboy itself, need I repeat myself, is quite worthy of multiple visits - we didn't really get anything this time, but I'm a big fan of those gaucho fries of theirs, which come with an aioli of some sort and a spicy ketchup, and they make a really good espresso martini. The space itself has all sorts of cool bells and whistles, with illuminated panels of Bob Reuter's black and white photography, loads of screenprinted concert posters, an indoor bar, a coffee bar, free wi-fi, an outdoor patio with its own, second bar, and to top it all off, a big campfire in back.

And as I found out, it's also the current culinary home of Blake Brokaw, the man responsible for several of my favorite restaurants in town (Tangerine, Hungry Buddha, Chocolate Bar...). No longer running the grill at the Cabin Inn at the City Museum, Blake's been in charge of their specials, and looks to possibly be refining the AC menu in the future. Sometime in the future, he looks to be opening a Sicilian restaurant in the FPSE/Grove neighborhood, and having recently gorged myself on the Penne Siciliana at Gino's (verrry good, marinara sauce with Italian sausage and ricotta), the idea of Sicilian food coming from the hands of Brokaw is sounding really, really good to me. So I very much recommend that all y'all get yourselves to the Atomic Cowboy as soon as possible, eat some of Blake's specials, make able use of the wi-fi, dance to some DJs, and sit around the campfire.

I also ran into Rob Thurman, who I'd actually met and talked to at AC before, during one of Bob Reuter's Friday night acoustic gigs around the campfire, but never put two and two together that it was Rob Thurman, the guy whose witty, often hilarious blog I've been reading now and then for a couple years or so, and talked with him about photography. Visit his site, it will improve your life 150%! Amanda Doyle from the Commonspace was also there - there's gonna be a Free Candy at Hartford Coffee Company this Sunday, and you all should go.

Speaking of Hartford Coffee Company, tonight I met up with Michael and Claire there for a 52nd City (another Thomas Crone endeavor) trivia contest, in which we came in at a respectable 4th. Afterwards, I went to Joe's Cafe at Kingsbury and Des Peres, which - along with its next door neighbor operation the Sci-Fi Lounge - is run by the people in charge of Beatnik Bob's at the City Museum. And oh, does it show. Joe's, as I gather, is a word of mouth little place, and even some of the people at Vintage Vinyl tonight weren't aware of it. It's one hell of a place, though. They book shows every Thursday - this week was the Dave Stone Trio, and next week will be local band The Orbits (including Jon Ferber, who once upon a time taught guitar at my dad's store), and a band from New Mexico whose name is escaping me at the moment, for $8 in advance, $10 at the door. But dare I say it, the place may be even cooler than the Venice Cafe. There's an upper portion, a cool downstairs, they sell soda and popcorn, and have an outside patio with huge sculptures, unique seating areas, and a creek. Even outside of the two places, there are sculptures set up, some seating areas, and what looks to be a stage. It may just be one of the coolest corners in the entire city. Next door, the Sci-Fi Lounge was pretty cool itself, filled with Star Wars memorabilia, some Flaming Lips playing on the stereo, and copies of the arcade games Golden Axe and X-Men (the one-on-one Street fighter-style one, not the 6-player beat-'em-up). I wound up watching Chappelle's Show with the guy Coyote there, a woman named Tori, and Rob Lee. Such cool places, and cool people. Methinks I'm going back next week.

Also, Dave Chappelle really needs to start doing a TV show again. It'd be too sad if he didn't. And God knows I'll be going to see Block Party. Dave Chappelle and Michel Gondry? I'm in.
Thursday, February 23, 2006
It really makes you think

Thursday, February 16, 2006
I've never actually heard the guy, but...
Can I just say how much I love that we've got a local DJ named DJ Freshstep?
Saturday, February 11, 2006
A heads-up: my links page now has been updated, and is, in my opinion, now much more becoming of a circa 2006 St. Louis blog.
Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Blogs are the WAVE OF THE FUTURE
I took a look, and as it turns out, I made this blog two years ago nearly on the dot. So in honor of this momentous event, I've decided to take my two-year-old wish to see the AOL Running Man and one of Keith Haring's similarly anonymous figures duking it out, and make it a reality.

Olmec guides you through the Hidden Temple
Sunday, February 05, 2006
Onetime STI drummer Jeremy Goldmeier in Playback
Friday, February 03, 2006
South City's Frederick's Music Lounge, owned by the inimitable Fred Friction of Highway Matrons fame, is going to be celebrating its last hurrah on the 11th, so if you're over 21, I suggest that you get thee there. Every night until then, they're hosting shows. My picks?

Saturday Feb 4
Greg Insley & The Careless Smokers
Brian Henneman
Steve Cosich & Surprise Guests

This should prove to be some fine alt-country.

Tuesday Feb 7
Magnolia Summer
& Special Guests

Magnolia Summer plays some cool, thoughtful, twangy rock 'n roll, and as I can attest, members John Horton and Chris Grabau are both really nice cats, and I'd imagine that the rest of the band are as well.

Also, coupla winners coming up at the Gargoyle:
On the 24th, they're hosting the twee-as-twee-can-be Of Montreal as part of KWUR Week. And should you be into the underground hip-hop, Atmosphere's coming on March 21st, you bunch of backpackers.

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