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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Add Screenz to the list of internet cafes here - it'll have a location opening soon in the Loop.

Screenz also abides by MO state ordinance 683R, which states that "no internet or 'cyber-' cafe shall open in the state of Missouri whose business name does not include at least 1 (one) instance of the letter Z (z)."
Monday, September 26, 2005
Genesis House in the Loop, I just found out, is closed. On the other hand, Saigon Inn (and/or "Saigon Coffee House"?), the small, "does it really exist?" Korean/Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from what's now Modai Sushi Lounge in the east end of the Loop, looks to've been remodeled, and will be having a grand reopening soon. So Dave, Xinyu, if you're reading this, it is not, in fact, out of business, and yes, we should go over and try it out when it opens.
Sunday, September 25, 2005
About a month ago, my friend Steph, grew up in St. Louis, currently living in Seattle, found herself without an internet connection here, and she asked me if there are any internet cafes in St. Louis. I didn't know what to tell her. "Well, the Jade Room kind of is one," I said. (And it is, to a limited degree, and with drinking) "And the Washington Avenue Post has a bunch of computers, and it's a cool place, but its hours are kind of limited."


I just, at this very second, am realizing that there's Rivalz, a coffeehouse/cybercafe in Maryland Heights, $4 per hour for a computer, with a bunch of games thrown in with the deal (or free wi-fi, if that's your thing). It's open until 2:30 a.m. on weekdays, 3:00 on weekends, and 2:00 on Sundays, they've got pizzas (haven't tried), and Italian sodas, and I was completely unaware that the county had such a thing. As the name suggests, it is indeed tailored towards games, so, ah, if you want to develop an Everquest addiction, well, God help you, but they've got that for you.

So yes, St. Louis does have an internet cafe.
Saturday, September 24, 2005
In case you were wondering, Lil Jon live is pretty much what you'd expect.
Monday, September 19, 2005

Probably not safe for work, if that's applicable.
Sunday, September 18, 2005

Since when did anyone care about the supposed Wash U./Emory rivalry?
If you can find the budget DVD of it floating around anywhere, I highly, highly recommend that you view the McDonald's and Coca-Cola-funded E.T. ripoff "Mac and Me." Highly recommend.
Saturday, September 17, 2005
How did a service call to Earthlink about slow connections turn into the tech support guy trying to sell me Norton's firewall program?
Dear St. Louis,
I went to your Cindy Sherman opening at the Contemporary Art Museum the other night, and it was huge, and amazing, and full of people. My question to you is, where did all of these people come from, and where are they usually?

Also, Priyaa, the only South Indian restaurant in town, was really good - their dosa tasted like eating Ethiopian food with Injera, except in burrito form. They also had a really good, particularly spicy chicken korma.

I'm definitely in love with my own car.

Oh, a couple last things - I didn't write the descriptions this time (or likely, any time in the near future), but I compiled the events for the Student Life weekend calendar again. First of all, since this blog is obviously heavily trafficked by Wash U. students, whoever be-titled the Webster event tonight got it wrong - it's definitely not a "Sonic Youth movie premiere" tonight, it's Lee Ranaldo's improv side project Text Of Light. Oh, and one missing thing - tonight will also be the last night of the grand opening of the new location of the Atomic Cowboy on Manchester, which is supposed to be amazing. So yeah, have fun with that.

Thursday, September 15, 2005
Hey Earthlink. Wanna connect me at something faster than 16k? Thanks.
Someone told me that plain-clothes cops downtown have been charging $100 jaywalking tickets recently??
Sunday, September 11, 2005
You know, I'm rather interested in the study of the word "hoosier." But not really so much the word itself. If you've been spending any length of time in St. Louis, you should have realized by now that rather than a reference to Indianans, "hoosier" is local shorthand for "white trash" or "redneck." We all saw the RFT article ages ago, and word is that the word as we know it now has its origins in the 1800s or so. Apparently, there were particularly obnoxious, yokelesque salesmen that used to travel along the Mississippi River, including the area around our fair burg, that just so happened to be Indianans. Apparently, there were also pro-South Indianans that fought abolitionists here during the civil war, as well as a few Indianan scab workers that came here during a large 1930s strike in St. Louis. I'm guessing that this all gave the state's citizens an ill reputation around town here, and the term caught on most prodigiously. But I'm not interested in all that.

I'm interested in St. Louis' spinoff words of hoosier. I think they're just swell. To go down the list:
I first heard this one used by former well-liked Post-Dispatch columnist and current mystery writer Elaine Viets during a radio interview. It attempts to explain the phenomenon of those that have Ladue residence and wealth, but still maintain a worldview that can only be described as distinctly hoosier. Missourian singer-songwriter Jesse Irwin recently recorded a treatise on the topic.

A shortened form of (and only of) the adjective form of "hoosier," pronounced "hoozh."

Okay, I really like this one. "Bourgeois" has the connotation of an ignorant masses that contribute little to culture or the improvement of society. I don't know how much of that I'm willing to assert about St. Louis' hoosier population, but what can I say, we're all a little hoos. I also like the dichotomy of the word between its "hoos" and French portions. Seems very St. Louisan to me.

Do the math.

This is a pretty common word, which attempts to capture and explain the essence of that which is hoosier. As a more worldly alternative, I would like to offer the Spanish language-influenced "hoosuáje." If you have any better ideas of how one should spell that, please notify me.

Finally, I should note that I myself am of 1/4th Indianan background, and have a number of relatives over there, which obviously makes me instantly immune from criticism for using the word hoosier in a derogatory sense. And my apologies in general to Indiana for us having co-opted and bastardized your word so.

FEMA for Kidz Rap:
"Disaster . . . it can happen anywhere,
But we've got a few tips, so you can be prepared
For floods, tornadoes, or even a 'quake,
You've got to be ready - so your heart don't break.

Disaster prep is your responsibility
And mitigation is important to our agency.

People helping people is what we do
And FEMA is there to help see you through
When disaster strikes, we are at our best
But we're ready all the time, 'cause disasters don't rest."
The entirety of the album "Who Is Mike Jones?" edited down to only the parts where Mike Jones says "Mike Jones."

I myself am still working on the question of who Jill Scott is.
Saturday, September 10, 2005
So, second episode of Stagnation Nation's done, in theory, it plays every day, at what time, who knows, but in theory every Friday from 4-5pm. I just realized that Sue Zeilstra's documentary about St. Louis, STRETCH, has an interview with Hunter Brumfield, who committed suicide this summer... Kind of eerie...

Yesterday, I quit deluding myself with the idea that I could live without Neko Case's "Blacklisted." Great album.
Friday, September 09, 2005
FYI, it's on page two. Above the back-to-school ad for $5 "PABST."
I just saw Rockwell Knuckles, Honors English, and Kanye West co-writer Rhymefest at Ursa's. Great show, most fun I've had at Ursa's (the new Kaldi's cocoa bar was nice, too). And what's more, it was all free. If you're reading, and attending Wash U., and you missed this show, I have just one thing to say to you: nice job, dumbass.

I have a weekend events calendar in today/Friday's issue of Student Life. I feel all accomplished about it.
Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Wash U. can be a boring place if you don't find a way to entertain yourself. From 8:50 this morning until about 11:10, I amused myself by counting how many people wearing giant, face-consuming sunglasses I could find.

I counted 27.
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
That thing they do - Boston Globe

My friend of many, many years (do note http://artsci.wustl.edu/~esseelig/STI/frames.html), John Forrester, is now a published writer for the Boston Globe!
Monday, September 05, 2005
As I lounge at 1:14 a.m. this Sunday night, I should note to everyone, especially the Wash U. kids, that none of you are true St. Louisans unless you've listened to Gabriel for at least an hour or two. Gabriel plays "blues, oldies, and the holy blues for you and yours" Sunday nights on community radio station KDHX 88.1 FM from 12:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m., and every week, it's 5 of the most sublime hours of radio out there. Gabriel's been broadcasting in St. Louis since the 1960s or so, and played trumpet around the community for awhile, and as a result, the man is a walking encyclopedia of amazing old blues, soul, and gospel music. Even if you're outside of St. Louis, you can still listen online.

Even the bumpers are brilliant.
Lost in all of these crises is the fact that blues' RL Burnside died during the last few days...
Friday, September 02, 2005
As a member of the Washington University community, I have seen the future, and the future is now! The next big thing in women's fashions is GIANT SUNGLASSES. So ladies, throw out yesterday's uggly Uggs, and be fashion forward with a pair of Kurts!

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