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Monday, May 26, 2008
Real-life cartoon characters

Your childhood is terrifying.

Via Pixeloo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

SupersizedMeals.com is why we have an obesity problem in the United States.

Granted, Groceryeats makes Luther Burgers and deep-fried pancakes, but then, Groceryeats is way more awesome.  SupersizedMeals just makes me feel ill.

Also, deep-fried Coke??

Sunday, May 11, 2008
The piano has been emptying his savings account
The good news: Tom Waits is not only embarking on one of his very rare tours this summer, he's coming here to the Fox.
The bad news: It's going to be $70 minimum.

Sunday, May 04, 2008
Why I'm looking forward to '90s retro:

Vibrant, gleeful cynicism.  That's why, and don't you forget it.  Kids in the Hall and The Breeders are coming to town post-haste, KITH at the Pageant on the 20th, Breeders at Pop's on the 10th.

Speaking of vibrant, gleeful cynicism, the Magnetic Fields' last album "Distortion" that I was blabbering about a few months ago: picked it up.  Definitely better than "i," understandably has less filler than the almost too long but excellent anyway "69 Love Songs."  One of their best albums, I'd wager, and also kind of a return to the distorted-guitar sound of their earlier albums.  It also took me until just now to realize that every song on the album is almost - if not exactly - 3 minutes long.  Stephin Merritt, you sly bastard!

This is also an announcement that if you live anywhere near the "central corridor," as the kids are calling it, of St. Louis, you need to begin getting your pizzas, meatball subs, and calzones exclusively from La Pizza.  It's been there for a good few years now, but it recently finally hit me how great all of their food is.  Their tomato/pizza sauces are the very essence of amazing, fresh tomatoes, the mozz is fresh, the crust is crisp at the edges and rich in flavor, and to boot, the owner and employees are all really nice.

Also, http://www.winslowshome.com/.


(P.S. http://www.winslowshome.com/)

(P.P.S. http://www.winslowshome.com/.  I am not playing around.  You're going.)

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