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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Yesterday, I ate a chicken teriyaki sub from Penn Station for the first time in months, and after weeks and weeks of the chicken teriyaki subs from Subway and Mallinckrodt, it's even better than I remember. While driving to get there, I encountered an auction in some hall in Brentwood, and after passing it, came back; I've never actually seen an auction before. It was pretty much as I expected: like a thrift store, but louder and faster. Here's the kicker, though - all of the auctioneers had blue denim dress shirts, white cowboy hats, and Minnesotan accents. It was a lot of boring kiddy/girly toys though, so I didn't buy anything. Last night, I went to the Jade Room with Becca, Merritt, and Phil, and had much fun. I've also been sampling things like mad, including a "Spiro T. Agnew Speaks Out" flexidisc sent to a guy in Kirkwood years ago by the Republican National Committee. I'm going to Cuba next Friday (yes, legally) and am excited. I am also seeing Ann Coulter next Wednesday, and am afraid of being chased by a mob with torches. Now I'm done writing.

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