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Saturday, March 20, 2004
I saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" tonight. It was such a great movie, and it was so me, it was incredible. I've wanted to make some kind of work of art involving the gray, surreal area between the conscious and the subconscious for awhile now; it's one of my favorite subjects. I've also lately been thinking about how that relates to, for example, not being able to understand everything people say in a different language, as in Cuba. It feels like the same kind of lack of clarity, lack of grip on reality. I guess the recent cinematic equivalent to that one would be "Lost in Translation." Anyway, Kaufman and Gondry did a great job on "Eternal Sunshine," and I couldn't think of a better director for it than Gondry; he renders the workings and the creativity of the human mind so perfectly.

I have an insatiable wanderlust. After the movie, we all went to the Jade Room, and then Becca and her RISD partners in crime went back to her house to watch movies. At about 1, I decided to just drive west down Gravois for awhile, and listen to Chocolate Genius and an old mix CD with late '90s hip-hop and the B-52's on it. As I was driving, I saw a little bus station structure that piqued my interest, and I went to check it out. A guy was sitting on one of the benches, sleeping, bundled up in a heavy coat, and was presumably homeless. Again, coming back from Cuba, St. Louis certainly has its problems. As I was telling Phil earlier, St. Louis is also a city that hates its minors. Our public transportation is awful in its limits, essentially requiring that someone must have a car if they want to go anywhere, and even then, there's scarcely a decent activity available at night for anyone under 21. Maybe if St. Louis bothered to cater just a little to its minors, college-bound residents wouldn't grow disillusioned with the city and maybe they'd come back after their education.

Either way, I ended up driving really far out. Honestly, I can't really explain it, but just so much as driving around, exploring areas, with music playing (and preferably, a camera handy), and nothing more, makes me unspeakably happy.

And on a final note, no one should deprive themselves of the sweet ambrosia that is pop music just to save face.

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