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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
RFT didn't print my letter, but this instead:
A Note from the Publisher
Here at the Riverfront Times our editorial staff reviews St. Louis restaurants every week. Once a year our advertising department produces a special issue that gives St. Louisans an opportunity to nominate their favorite restaurants. Ballots are carefully tallied under the supervision of the publisher to maintain the fairness and integrity of the polling process, and the results of the poll are featured in "Restaurants 2004."

"Restaurants 2004" is a fun way for St. Louisans to talk back to us; we regret any blunders, typos and/or misrepresentations the supplement may contain.

I didn't say it wasn't fair, I just said it wasn't correct.

Do pick up the issue anyway, though; the Slipknot article is well worth it.

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