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Friday, April 16, 2004
TRL discovers Adam Green
Anti-folk is a beautiful thing, people. Now that Jessica Simpson is a super-duper star, I suppose that the establishment has deemed Adam Green's tribute to the once-anonymous pop songstress Cool and Hip and Funny and Marketable. Meh, I'm pullin' for ya, Adam. Watch the video, it's hilarious. Watching people speak their mind on MTV is always quite refreshing, as well.

I am behind on work and fearful, but will hopefully deal. Thurtene Carnival food will likely be cheap and delicious. If you're curious as to the electronic music endeavors I've been working on, here is a new piece I'm very proud of. If you are inclined to pick it up, the Riverfront Times is printing another letter of mine in the next issue. You may or may not find it pleasantly amusing.

...By the way, the electronic music won't actually sound like that.


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