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Monday, June 21, 2004
Have I mentioned how nice the new Olin Library at Wash U is? Finally, for once in my life, I'm there to see the result of a contstruction effort, rather than just the construction itself (see: high school, junior high- er, middle school, elementary school, 6th grade camp, Wash U/FoPo Parkway Metrolink construction). The statue is... well, inconsequential, but I'm sure it'll look nice in pamphlets. The 24-hour cafe/lounge is fantastic. I have a feeling that it'll be a lot nicer to do late-night work there than the Umrath lobby, plus, I can tell you firsthand, the mini-Kaldi's is fantastic, and their Aztec Hot Cocoa is transcendent. The Ginko reading room is quite a nice little thing to have. The only really regrettable thing about the renovation is that there's no longer an outside second floor- the time I went to hang out there a few years back was really cool; it was great place for the campus to have, and a great place to hang out on. Ah well, there's always Bear's Den [pause for the irony to sink in].

...Oh yeah, visiting the cafe is also an easy way to spot Beatle Bob and fellow middle-aged-see-him-at-every-concert-ever-guy Ken (not Kitchin) using the free phone and internet facilities. Hmm...

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