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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
My photos are coming out quite nicely; the same kind of pretentious long
exposure stuff I used to do with my digital camera, but on film. The
problem: perhaps I'm not looking hard enough, but St. Louis and surrounding
areas are becoming more and more boring to my sense of aesthetics by the
second - this isn't to say that I don't love that
midwest-longing-for-more-but-am-attached-to-its-calmness stuff; I'm just
kind of getting tired of doing it...

Which reminds me:
Baton Bob is in Atlanta.
Tangerine and the Chocolate Bar (its original incarnation, at least) are
The Commonspace, as a storefront, will soon be gone as well.
A certain unnamed establishment with an originally admirable exterior has
proven to belie a harsher reality as well.

In short: the things I love about St. Louis are leaving a sour taste in my
mouth not much unlike old milk. Washington Avenue, at least towards the
east, seems to be morphing from the Land Of Nightclubs And A Few Art
Galleries to the Land Of Rich Out-Of-Towners Shopping At Boutiques And
Drinking In A Swanky Hotel Bar While Averting Their Eyes From The Homeless
Man Across The Street, which is to say that the ridiculous-looking mock-up
of "urban sophistication" that I found on Downtown Now!'s website may be
coming true? Please, charge me more.

Baton Bob recently appeared in the pilot episode of Laugh Out. Laugh Out is a new gay-themed comdey show based out of Atlanta. I found a link about the show. You can find out more by checking out Laugh Out!

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