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Thursday, January 27, 2005
So much of what I loved about St. Louis is gone now. Blake Brokaw's restaurants were some of my favorites in town. Now, if I want anything remotely like what I could get at Tangerine or Hungry Buddha, it'd require that I go to Tony's branch-off Anthony's Bar, which while it sounds amazing, I think I lack the money, dress clothes, and age to belong in. Lake Forest Bakery, which I would affirm was the best in town, and made nearly every one of my birthday cakes, has disappeared without replacement. The cakes at Dierberg's just don't cut it.

Baton Bob. One of the most unique figures around St. Louis. Was continually bullied by local police officers, so he left. Atlanta loves him now. Washington Avenue is quickly changing from a cool little area for those of creative mind and limited money to hang out in to land of the too-swank(/expensive)-for-you boutique and/or bistro (that said, I've met the chef from the Lucas Park Grille, who seems like a really cool guy). When we were in Cuba, we once or twice went to a section of Old Havana that pandered to the (mainly European) tourists. Everything was expensive, slick, and designed in the style of a European boutique. Needless to say, it wasn't very accessible to the actual residents of Havana (no one could afford this stuff). Something seems eerily familiar about this. The Loop? Love to see it thrive, but I wonder if chain stores and restaurants won't latch onto it to the point where all individuality and spirit are gone.

A lot of my favorite local bands are history now. Julia Sets? Gone. Johnny Magnet? Sexicolor? Gone, and Jill moved. Sullen? Gone.

The Centro Sociale/Tin Ceiling disappeared. The Commonspace is no longer a physical meeting place. The best things about this city always die. I feel like you can't thrive here unless your name starts with a "Cheesecake" and ends with a "Factory."
When the venerable Ted Drews dies, we have a crisis.
Oh, forgot Library Ltd. That was a big one.

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