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Sunday, January 09, 2005
Ugh - Life Aquatic.

Just saw it yesterday, and I gotta say - Wes Anderson needs to try something else. I was just watching it and I felt like... hasn't he already made this movie like, three times? A good few characters felt like rehashes of Royal Tenenbaums characters, it's the same "living in past glories" thing he's done in every other movie, and limiting the setting to a boat for most of the movie made the movie a bit monotonous, to boot. It's like he was just coasting on style for this movie. One hour and 40 or so minutes later, I didn't care about any of the characters, nor, really, anything that happened. The only thing that kept me interested on any level was the promise that I'd be hearing more Bowie throughout the movie.

But afterwards, Curb Your Enthusiasm and ice cream made a wonderful antidote.

Also: beef Wellington is the best thing ever. And you should download "Eres un cabrĂ³n, hijoputa" from the (Latin American?) Spanish version of the South Park movie.

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