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Thursday, April 07, 2005
The other day, I went to an expo of potential music subscription/legal downloading services that Wash U may pick up. I walked to every display, and used their shiny new computers to search for os Mutantes and/or the out-of-print Chocolate Genius album. One had the Chocolate Genius. A couple had the cheesy Luaka Bop (and I say that with all due respect to David Byrne) Mutantes compilation. When those people can provide me with a subscription-based way to hear the second Mutantes album, I'll sing their praises then. In the meantime, I have no need for their ganked-from-CMJ extra tasty crispy musical choices. The movie stand had a foreign film section with not an ounce of Fellini! You know, if it weren't for a college student, like so many now, deciding he wanted to come up with a way to share and steal music (Napster's Shawn Fanning), none of these people would have these jobs. The legal online download industry would not exist, because the companies that support it need nothing less than a threat to their livelihood to force them to deal with this medium. The guy at the Napster booth wouldn't be giving that "we're legal now, all thanks to the corporation!" spiel, at least.

In other news, the Coke machine downstairs has been refilled. It's been completely empty since November.
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That's why I rated high the services that had movies. I don't need them to be pushing music on me, but I can hope that they have some movies that would keep me entertained on occasions.

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