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Saturday, May 21, 2005
I felt endless relief when nu-metal finally ended, so you can imagine how I feel right now. Writing is on the wall, people.

First of all, Fox, the worst perpetrator of terrible reality shows ("Trading Spouses" and adoption-themed "Who's Your Daddy?", anyone?), has no new reality shows in their fall lineup, and thankfully, Arrested Development is returning (in which, given a rental of the season 2 DVDs, I'll actually be able to figure out what the hell's going on at this point). So if Fox is deserting reality shows, maybe this is finally the end of it? Also of note is a sitcom based around Anthony Bourdain's often hilarious "Kitchen Confidential," done by the guy who made the Sex and the City TV show. How this can be pulled off without laming up and toning down the Bourdain character is beyond me.

Also, once you start seeing car ribbon magnets with dalmatian print, announcing their support for dogs, you know this all has pretty much run its course, Fonzie's revving up to jump that shark, and perhaps the average American will take to honoring the U.S. in their words and thoughts, rather than as part of a superficial car decoration bandwagon. Just kidding, they'll lose interest in honoring the country entirely!

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