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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
What is this crap?

Last year, we get billed for a recycle bin that we never had, and now this?

Dear Eric Seeling [sic]:

As stated in the Facts of Reslife, Residential Life staff members conducted room inspections following the closing of the halls. Upon inspection of your room/suite, the following item(s) were identified as damaged beyond normal wear and, thus, in need of repair or the condition was otherwise unacceptable as pertaining to the closing instructions. Damage to common areas not claimed by an individual person will be divided equally amongst all residents of the suite/room. The charges are as follows:

Missing Lamp from Common Room $12.50

The charges for the damages will appear on your next billing statement from the Billing Office. If you would like to contest these charges, it must be done so in writing via email @ spina@wustl.edu by June 15, 2005. Feel free to contact me with any questions @ 314-935-8295.

It was there the last time I saw the dorm, and I was the last to leave. Maybe this is just revenge for complaining about the empty Coke machine.

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