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Thursday, June 09, 2005
From STLToday:

Many months after we first heard the plans for a Cuban-themed tapas bar in Maplewood called BarHabana, an evolution of the theme is set to open within the next few weeks at 7344 Manchester Road in Maplewood. Boogaloo, featuring Creole, Cuban and other Caribbean specialties, is the latest venture from the peripatetic Mike Johnson, whose current endeavors also include BARcelona and Momos. The phone number will be 314-645-4803.

And if you want to learn how to cook in Mike's new Caribbean style, he'll be teaching it at Kitchen Conservatory on Saturday, Aug. 27. Cost is $40; call 314-862-2665 for class reservations.

Finally! St. Louis will have congris! Ropa vieja! And hopefully some fab Cuban sandwiches (psst, in the real world, there's more than one kind)! Now if only they could give me some ridiculously rich Coppelia ice cream. Guess the fact that it's made by a state-owned company in a hostile country that we have an embargo against might get in the way, eh?

Also, using a Mac so frequently has made me feel less like OS X is nice and simple than just really annoying, with a lot of idiosyncrasies. Ah well...
This is very good news -- and not too far from the city.
Hey, you and Claire should grab some Italian or Tandoori Hut with me while they're still right there.

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