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Monday, June 20, 2005
I really kinda dig L.A. I ate well, and this store is amazing. Also, on the shuttle back to the airport, the only other passenger, as it turns out, was from Olivette, and had moved to L.A., but was not taking the flight to St. Louis, but rather, going to Las Vegas on business for Borders. To be a downer, going somewhere like L.A. reminds me of how far St. Louis is from being a truly vibrant city.

But! I have another round of SkyMall wonders for all to see (brace yerselves, dial-up users):

The electric dog collar approach to parenting

"Persnickety kitties prefer water that's constantly filtered & aerated in this Water Fountain." Somebody, somewhere actually wrote that sentence.

So it was fun.

We never did find that cake, though.

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