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Thursday, June 30, 2005
An inabsolute hypothesis:
Pretty much worldwide, poorer and working classes tend to carry national or local culture, while higher classes do their damndest to deny their local and national cultures, and achieve some sort of (in theory) sophisticated, neutral worldliness.

Of course this is true. Look at the general upper-class precoccupation with European culture, the St. Louis upper-class preoccupation with Chicago or New York or L.A. culture, etc. The upper class never wants to be rooted in a culture, for rootedness is antitetical to the supposed benefits of capital that they are enjoying -- most of which hinge on mobility.

This refusal to embrace local or national culture is also a refusal to enrich it. In my mind, it's the reason the Kiel Opera House is boarded up and why Wedding Crashers is popular. The upper classes won't help us regular folk out because they're always somewhere else.
Kiel Opera House is closed because the thug crooks on grand avenue,
civic progress, their downtown law firms have paid of 4 administrations big dollars since the late 80s to kill Kiel to protect the Fox Theatre.

The annual loss to St. Louis
in entertainment-driven revenue
is $300 million. The choking
down of the MUNY, for the same
reasons, causes another $50
million annual loss on the low side.

All in Saving Kiel a Seven Year

My efforts now are indictments
of all collabrators for violations
of anti trust laws..only way
Kiel and MUNY will be freed.

ed golterman

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