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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Between realizing that iPods are a lot more fun to listen to with crappy old Walkman headphones than with those earbud things that make my ears sore, and putting my own font on my iPod so it isn't so excessively sterile in appearance, I've started listening to my Apple Mind Control Unit again a good deal. Lessons I've learned over the past couple of weeks:

  • A Ghost Is Born sucks ferociously.
  • Brazilian '60s-'70s band Secos e Molhados is fantastic.
  • I don't actively listen to or like half of the music I own. Time for a trade-for-store-credit run to Vintage Vinyl...

  • Comments:
    A Ghost is Born isnt all bad, Theologians, Muzzle of Bees and hummingbird are all good songs.
    But yes, its pretty bad on the whole.
    - saul.
    Take anything Vintage Vinyl doesn't buy to Record Exchange -- they're less picky and more generous in either credit or cash. While their CD selection is spotty, they have lots of great vinyl.

    I definitely love Record Exchange. A while back, I sold a bunch of old VHS tapes to them for VHS copies of Before Night Falls and Better Off Dead. I might actually have to buy my own turntable from them at some point.

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