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Sunday, August 28, 2005
The last few days:
Got Papa Fabarre's with Michael and Claire - it's supposed to stay with the change from Famous-Barr to Macy's, which is good. French onion soup is as good as ever. We wandered over to the St. Louis Centre, which I haven't been to since my internship downtown a few years back. Even then, a lot of the stores were shuttered, but the stragglers I remember, like the McDonald's, the Camelot, the food court, Rave, the arcade - almost everything is empty now. It's gone from eerie to eerier, now that there are almost no stores. The floors and walls all look kind of unkempt. The new big storefront on the third floor for ArtDimensions was a pretty pleasant surprise. A lot of interesting, creative art, including some from some names that I haven't seen pop up much on Washington in the last year or so, at least since Farrago closed. The classroom especially seemed like a really cool idea. It's a fairly well-publicized organization, but to actually come upon the store on the third floor was a pretty nice surprise in what's at this point a pretty depressing mall. Too bad the arcade's gone...

Steph Sleeper and I saw the Donnie Darko director's cut at one of the Tivoli midnight showings. This version definitely seemed less subtle (the book text is informative, but disappears too quickly, and distracts from the scenes at hand), but at least
there's more of a relationship established between Donnie and Gretchen, beyond let's-make-out-now-let's-have-sex-oops-you're-dead. And maybe it's just me, but I always thought that Gretchen dying (in that reality) blew the feel-good aspect of the movie. So to speak.

I randomly ran into Nikki Rainey twice in two days!

In theory, by this time tomorrow, I should have a Camry...

I really want a marxophone. I've been thinking about stage names; how does "Li'l Turnip" strike everybody?

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