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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Some fancy little tidbits of information:
Downtown Restaurant Week | Aug 22 - Aug 27, 2005 | St. Louis, MO - $25 nets you a three-course meal from any number of Downtown spots. I went to An American Place a couple of times for my Photo article this summer to interview the general manager there, Frank Romano, and to take pictures. An American Place smells very, very good. I am spending $25 to eat at An American Place.

Jesse Irwin - I'm pretty sure I ganked this link from thecommonspace.org. KDHX did a local artist feature on him a week or so ago. My first impression? Guy sounds kind of like Dylan. But then they pipe on a sample from the song "Laduesier":

Well, you're rich and you're bright
And you're pasty and white
You've got what it takes to succeed
You like cheeses and wine, and you're really good at buying
Lots of shit that you don't really need
And you live in a house for a family of ten
But you've got a family of two

You're a Laduesier, a Laduesier
A hoosier that lives in Ladue

These lyrics are all tossed off with total nonchalance. How could one possibly resist?

And finally, via Saul's Xanga, something that I was quite surprised not to have heard about:
NASA-Funded Scientists Discover Tenth Planet
So say hello to our new friend, the snappily-named 2003UB313.

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