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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Dear St. Louis,
I went to your Cindy Sherman opening at the Contemporary Art Museum the other night, and it was huge, and amazing, and full of people. My question to you is, where did all of these people come from, and where are they usually?

Also, Priyaa, the only South Indian restaurant in town, was really good - their dosa tasted like eating Ethiopian food with Injera, except in burrito form. They also had a really good, particularly spicy chicken korma.

I'm definitely in love with my own car.

Oh, a couple last things - I didn't write the descriptions this time (or likely, any time in the near future), but I compiled the events for the Student Life weekend calendar again. First of all, since this blog is obviously heavily trafficked by Wash U. students, whoever be-titled the Webster event tonight got it wrong - it's definitely not a "Sonic Youth movie premiere" tonight, it's Lee Ranaldo's improv side project Text Of Light. Oh, and one missing thing - tonight will also be the last night of the grand opening of the new location of the Atomic Cowboy on Manchester, which is supposed to be amazing. So yeah, have fun with that.

Is Eric the only one who writes on this website?
If you mean, am I the only one who writes journal posts and the text on the rest of the site, yes, I'm the only one.

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