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Thursday, October 06, 2005
I just got a comment the other day from someone asking if I was the only person who wrote here, and it piqued my interest about if people are linking here, resulting in a little discovery on Google. So for anyone who wound up here from reading the Post-Dispatch (yes, the Post-Dispatch), or through Michael and Claire's Ecology of Absence blog, first of all, hello! But I'm thinking that perhaps I should note that this blog is but part of a larger website, Pointless Website, where I've been putting up a few things that I've been working on (this is, of course, the only part of the website that gets updated with any regularity, though). On the larger site, you can also see my forays into sub-par experimental photography and video production/filmmaking, among other things. Oh, and take a look at the links section, it'll treat you right.
oh-i get on your site quite often just to see what kind of pointlessness is going on-i'm pretty impressed that you actually have the guts to admit that something that you do is pointless- ya know- so much of what we all do is so ridiculous, senseless- like who cares! and people are so self absorbed and self important i just want to snag their cell phones out of their hands and give 'em a good crack over the head! so keep on and i hope this catches on but the ones who could use it will never get it. oh well... pretty pointless.
Yeah, I'd wanted to throw together a personal website to post the things I'd been working on (I'm usually up to one thing or another), or things I'd found online, so that I wasn't just throwing effort towards the wind (one can only waste so much time making a custom font without posting it online), and no matter how much time one spends on a personal website... it's usually going to be pretty pointless, so I figured, hey, why not call it what it is, eh? At some point, I decided to throw a blog on here to keep friends up on what's going on while they're in college elsewhere across the country. Honestly, I'm honored that anyone else would be reading, so thanks!

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