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Monday, October 31, 2005
So I was listening to iTunes just now, and a little somethin'-somethin' caught my attention. Now, say what you will about the recent endeavors of the Black Eyed Peas - and if you won't, I will - this "Fergie" character is not doing wonders for them, and I swear I remember them joshing about rappers appearing in "Pringles commercials" on their first album. But that first album, Behind The Front, is wonderful.

So, long ago, I'd realized that BEP had based the first track of Behind The Front, "Fallin' Up," on the catchy old Jorge Ben track "Comanche" (without crediting it!). But what I'm thinking now is that perhaps BEP were bigger Brazilian music fans than I'd first realized. Just sayin', their second single, "Karma," sounds an awful lot like Baden Powell and Vinícius De Moraes' "Canto De Ossanha" from their legendary samba-tinged album Os Afro Sambas.

Way back when, I can tell you for sure, those BEP guys put on a hell of a concert, too. Ah well, whaddaya gonna do? Pop pays the bills...
Opening for No Doubt on my birthday, all those years back, indeed. Alas, now both bands are... er, "Hollaback".


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