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Thursday, December 01, 2005
I heard Aaron Belz read this during Free Candy a couple of months ago (FYI: Hartford Coffee Company has great falafel), but according to my inbox, it's going to be included in his new book Plausible Worlds, orderable here.

Dear Spam King

I know that there is a pill
To enhance my size
And make her worship me
In bed, and I know
That I could make $500,000
Working for myself,
And I know that hundreds
Of college girls are
Waiting for me, but listen,
I am happy being poor
And having a small penis.
I want the college girls
To do their homework
And get good jobs.
What I want from you
Is a pill that will make me
Sadder, less vigorous,
Perhaps even poorer,
But more contemplative
And a better poet. Can you
Hook me up with one of those?

I love that.

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