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Friday, January 13, 2006
Allow me to offer un petit shout-out to El Mundo Latino, the new Latin American restaurant on Manchester in Forest Park Southeast (or, as you may call it should you be feeling saucy, The Grove). A few dishes from a few countries there, and all pretty good, and pretty cheap. The plate of chips and salsa appeared as a nice little smorgasbord of corn tortilla chips, plantain chips, and cornbread, with a couple of salsas. The chicken empanadas were definitely among the better I've had in town - not too greasy, nice and plump, and the chicken was cooked well, and they came with a cumin-heavy salsa that complimented them well. I was a little less blown away by the pulled pork torta with mango barbecue salsa. The pork seemed a bit overcooked, dry, and salty, and the accompanying papas fritas were pretty ordinary. In general though, cool place, nice atmosphere, so completely worth the money, and open until 1 a.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays, so make haste - it'll definitely set yer wallet back a lot less than Mirasol.

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