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Monday, January 30, 2006
One of the fun things about having this cynically-named website here is that I get all sorts of page hits via Google. At last glance, the site (and this companion blog here) is the number 3 result for those who look up "pointless website." As a result, I get hits from all over the world (the tracker's telling me Thailand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, India, the Philippines, New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Barbados, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Luxembourg, and Greece), and that's for the main page, not the blog, which it seems like more people are reading (I can't tell, I'm using the free version of the tracker). Seems like a lot of people are actively out to waste their time. But in any case, hello out there!

But alas, the title was no ploy for Google hits, it was step one towards a great plan to have a nice, accurate l'il domain name for a personal website. This website would not exist as such if I hadn't looked up "pointlesswebsite.com" years ago and seen that it was available. But curse me for sleeping on it, some cat who links to Ann Coulter has it for blog-only porpoises (yes, I know), and it looks like he hasn't posted to it since last June. C'mon, man, do it like a real blogger! Forget it for months at a time, and then overcompensate for a short period of time before you again forget about your blog for months! Plus his site header says "taglines are for jerks"! I have 33 randomly-generated taglines! Is he calling me a times-33-jerk?

Anyway, I'm just wasting webspace blathering at this point. I'm just saying, no one better run off with pointlesswebsite.net.

a better tracker.
hopefully there is some version that will work for you
Ah, Google. Is there anything they can't do?

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