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Thursday, February 16, 2006
I've never actually heard the guy, but...
Can I just say how much I love that we've got a local DJ named DJ Freshstep?
HAHAHAHA! Man, someone called me at work to ask if we sell that this morning, which makes me like this even more.
Actually, Hi...I'm Dj Freshstep, Just wanting to say hey and thanx for the link to the mix site. I play at The Royale almost wvery Saturday with My friend DJ Shan Shan from noon to 4pm playing solidly funk, soul and disco at any other function though you'll catch be playing a blend of deep house and broken beat, I'm playing to nite at Urban from 11-1am FRI Feb 24.
Thanx have a good one,
Dj Freshstep
Your DJ name is right on so many levels. Deep house and broken beat sounds good to me! I'll have to check out one of your spins sometime.

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