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Friday, February 03, 2006
South City's Frederick's Music Lounge, owned by the inimitable Fred Friction of Highway Matrons fame, is going to be celebrating its last hurrah on the 11th, so if you're over 21, I suggest that you get thee there. Every night until then, they're hosting shows. My picks?

Saturday Feb 4
Greg Insley & The Careless Smokers
Brian Henneman
Steve Cosich & Surprise Guests

This should prove to be some fine alt-country.

Tuesday Feb 7
Magnolia Summer
& Special Guests

Magnolia Summer plays some cool, thoughtful, twangy rock 'n roll, and as I can attest, members John Horton and Chris Grabau are both really nice cats, and I'd imagine that the rest of the band are as well.

Also, coupla winners coming up at the Gargoyle:
On the 24th, they're hosting the twee-as-twee-can-be Of Montreal as part of KWUR Week. And should you be into the underground hip-hop, Atmosphere's coming on March 21st, you bunch of backpackers.
Do you know when the show might start on Tuesday?

I've always wanted to see Magnolia Summer!
I'll call them when they open at five, since I'm definitely going tomorrow. Honestly, there are so many great local alt-country bands that I still haven't seen live.

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