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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Hi. I'm Matt Pinfield.
Once upon a time, I used to religiously set my VCR to record MTV's 120 Minutes, which aired at 11 p.m. Sunday nights, and watch it after junior high the following afternoon. As a result, in between the, you know, Limp Bizkit videos, I'd learn a little something about music, seeing a music video from Liz Phair's first (read: not recent) album, or seeing Chocolate Genius' hauntingly beautiful "My Mom" video. Or seeing them play something off of Jeff Buckley's "Grace."

In recent years, it seems like people have made Jeff Buckley into a tragic figure bigger than himself, a less mainstream Kurt Cobain of sorts (by the way, you think they could repackage the songs from "Grace" a few more times?) With people out making fawning joint tributes to himself and his father, you almost forget the guy was just a human being. And you know what? Jeff was once a very funny, human smartass while hosting 120 Minutes. Give it a looksie! He has a noticeable contempt for the proceedings, and it's amusing to watch.

I would've loved YouTube in junior high.

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