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Saturday, March 11, 2006
A public service announcement
If you dig a mite of vintage here and there in your clothing, the wholesale organization distributing it to a lot of the local vintage clothing places is closing soon, and tomorrow morning is going to be one of a scant few more opportunities to buy from them:
Hey Kids---it's that time again! And this one is special because it is one of our last sales as we are closing by June 1st! Lots of fun stuff to pick from still!

Second-to-Last Sale at Rock Star Rags
Saturday and Sunday, Mar 11th and 12th
10am to 4pm
$1.50 per pound/ CASH only because we had to close our credit card machine already

Rock Star Rags Warehouse
2820 North Ninth Street
Corner of St. Louis Ave and Ninth Street
St Louis MO 63147

Please come by because if you can because the last sale will be sadder and it will be $2.00 per pound. Thank you for your support in our community, it was lovely!


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