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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Ethiopian food
De Palm Tree isn't hosting their Ethiopian Sundays anymore. On the bright side, another Ethiopian restaurant (read: not Red Sea) is supposed to be opening in the Loop at some point.
Isn't Addis an Ethiopian restaurant? Or wasn't it? Did something happen to it?
It was, may it rest in peace. They moved to a larger location at Olive and Kingsland, but I guess it didn't do so well there, because it's since been replaced by Jamaican restaurant Caribbean Sun (which itself is wonderful - it's owned by one of the members of the Murder City Players, their food is great, and they have live reggae all the time). I think what I'd heard was that the family that owned Addis wound up moving, but I could be wrong. Ah, I miss Addis, it used to be such a great place to go with friends.

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