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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Bad news and worse on Cherokee
Courtesy of a couple of RFT articles:

Ruckus on Cherokee
I honestly don't understand why the artistic and Mexican/Central American elements of Cherokee are such anathema to the people that seem to be linked more with the antiquey part of the street. I'd noticed years ago when browsing Cherokee Antique Row's website that in the section with suggestions for nearby restaurants, the amazing Mexican food just a few blocks over was oddly absent. I'm all for antiques, but caray, people! In case you can't tell, people are trying to attract people, business, and culture to your street. The entire street stands to benefit from these sorts of efforts.

The Party's Over
Agghhhhhh, Radio Cherokee's closing...
I have tried several times to enjoy the food on Cherokee. I live off of Cherokee, so love the idea of authentic Mexican food just a block or three away from where I live. Unfortunately, I have not actually enjoyed much of the food I have had on Cherokee. I much prefer the Mexican in Lafayette Square or on Hampton or at Cantina on Olive Street. I hate that, but I do. It may be that the meat entrees are better than the meat-free entrees on Cherokee - I don't eat meat - but my experiences have not been terribly positive on Cherokee.
Downtown Cantina?? Que va! But admittedly, I would imagine that vegetarian options are fairly slim among the Mexican restaurants on Cherokee, and indeed, Arcelia's and Pueblo Solis are pretty awesome. But while it was still open, Casa Lupita had some pretty wonderful potato enchiladas. Just putting that out there. My vegetarian friends at Ecology of Absence go to El Rio Grande sometimes, for what that's worth (I haven't been there in awhile).

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