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Sunday, June 11, 2006
There's this brilliantly cheap commercial for a headache-fixing glue stick or something of the sort called "HeadOn." The entire commercial is just 15 seconds of a woman saying "HeadOn: apply directly to the forehead!" over and over in the same tone of voice as a CGI image of a woman rubs a gel stick across her forehead. It's something akin to a You're the Man Now, Dog school of advertising. Insane.
I just saw this after watching Sienfeld and was thinking, WTF?

The commercial doesn't even say what the product is for. I thought it may be some kind of moisturizer. Turns out it's allegedly a migrane relief.

What a waste of advertising dollars.
Got our attention though, did it not?
Did you notice that she says: "headon, apply directly to the forehead" three time really fast? and that the sentence has 6 words? are they trying to cash in on 666?

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