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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Blargh aggregators
Recently, I've discovered the wonders of the RSS feed aggregator. For the uninitiated, these wonderful little pieces of software take information from "subscribed" blogs and such, and notify you when there are unread posts, putting them all in one place. Now, it seems to me, the Internet Explorer 7 beta's take on RSS feeds is all wrong. Sure, it tells you when a blog has something new, but you can't really read anything without just going to one specific site's feed. Why? Why not just stick everything in one place, with each post from each blog arranged by time/date posted? I mean really, who would go out of their way specifically to, say, read my blog in this form? Blah.

So that's why I'm glad there are programs like SharpReader out. All you St. Louis cats' blogs in one place - no-brainer, right? And yet, SharpReader still could use improvement, and it crashes all the time. So, I ask, does anyone know of a better aggregator program for PC?

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