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Sunday, September 03, 2006
I wholeheartedly endorse:
You know, for ages, I'd not actually listened to WGNU, 920 AM. This Friday, I finally did, and you know what? I heard Dr. Laura, and she's a nutcase. It was hilarious. I just really hope that people don't follow her advice.

Also, Snakes on a Plane. As dumb and as great as expected. I wouldn't watch it twice, but I believe that everyone should watch it once.

Finally, I think I'll give away a secret of mine. I went to the annual Japanese festival at the Botanical Gardens, and as with every other year, I went to the counter with $1 home videos of Japanese TV. As always, my results were excellent. The last time, I got a 6-hour tape that alternated between Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon. Doraemon, I could take or leave, but Shin-Chan, even with me only understanding every twelth spoken word, is hilarious. This summer, happily, a dubbed version finally came to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, and it's even raunchier and more hilarious than the original, I think. As for this year at the festival? After looking for about ten minutes, what did I find on the rack among all of the Japanese-language Pokemon but "クレヨンしんちゃん." End result? The 1997 Crayon Shin-Chan birthday special, complete with Star Wars parody. Wonderful.

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