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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
So are we all in agreement that the new Beck album "The Information" is really good?
Every beck release is a celebration for me. This one is growing on me. His records usually have an immediately satisfying song such as "Girl" on Guero. This one hasn't stunned me with the track I wanna listen to over n over. I wouldn't put this in his top 3 just yet, maybe my 4th favorite:

Midnite Vultures
One Foot in the Grave

Can you believe this guy will be 40 in a few years?
You have Mutations that low? Maybe my feelings for that album are colored with it being his first that I really got into, but I always thought that it was his best by far, what with "Dead Melodies," "Bottle of Blues," and "We Live Again." And odd as it may be, Beck approaching forty seems about right to me. After all, he had been making weird, noisy little independently-released albums since 1989 or so. Now Beck being a Scientologist, that one surprised me.

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