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Monday, October 30, 2006
Double Exposure
A pretty interesting article from the Washington Post looking at Diane Arbus' photography, and where some of her more famous subjects are today. Also, did you know that Diane Arbus was Howard Nemerov's sister? Because I didn't. Is that bad?
How did you get into Cuba? Nice pix.
Thanks! It was for a (wonderful) year-long freshman class at Wash U., which has actually discontinued the trip this past year after the Bush administration tightened restrictions on the academic visas to Cuba. Pretty interesting trip! I still regret not taking a picture actually inside the camello, buy whaddaya gonna do, right?

By the by, best of luck in being able to get something together on Cherokee - I love that neighborhood to death, and if I could fulfill both my amazing Mexican food and a-drinkin' urges within the span of a couple blocks, that would be amazing.

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