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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
I've loved this site for a long time, to the point of thinking it's the greatest thing on the internet ever, and figured I oughta post something about it to the blahg. Okay. First of all, 's all in Portuguese. Are you okay with that? Does that bother you? Are you gonna cry a little? Because if you know, really, any Romance language, you'll probably figure out the basics.

It's cluttered! Yes it is. But I'll save you the effort of sifting through all of the ads and clutter on the front page. Interested in listening to radio stations from pretty much every country on earth? Ta-da! There ya go. Remember, if you're looking for us, we're the Estados Unidos. International TV is here. On this page, if you look under Radios Por Países, you can find some unusual stuff like police scanners and train radio (<---?) as well.

So what I'm thinking is, satellite radio? Why bother? Screw that noise, I want international internet radio in my car! If there's Chinese opera, British techno, and talk radio from Burkina Faso out there on the internet, how about a monthly fee to access it? And hey, public wi-fi areas are only going to grow in number and size from here on out. Of course, in any case, KDHX is still going to be in my #1 slot.

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