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Saturday, December 22, 2007
Speaking of Bowie

FYI: Euclid Records has a bunch of '70s-'80s era Bowie CDs on sale for 8 bucks apiece.  These particular copies are kind of interesting: they're Japanese imports with the little tracklisty thing wrapped around the edge, the case design is set up to completely emulate the packaging of the vinyl records (with the paper wrapper inside with all the lyrics printed on it, and then the plastic one after that), and they're the recent remastered versions, but without the bonus tracks.  But you're buying The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust for it being a great album, not for "Lady Stardust (alternate demo version wherein Mick Ronson coughs)", aren't you?  To some degree, it kind of bugs me when I buy a classic album and can't really tell when the actual album is over and when the stuff that they didn't see fit to put on the original album starts.

So go buy yourselves some Bowie.  You owe it to yourself!


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